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Color FieldA.M. Architect -79A


Color Field is the companion film to the 2017 A.M. Architect release, Color Field, and the 79 Ancestors produced A\V Artifact: Spectrasphere.

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Color Field is the latest LP from A.M. Architect, released on November 11, 2017 on 79Ancestors

Written, recorded and produced: A.M. Architect

Mastering: Mike Wells

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The Spectrasphere A\V Artifact is a companion piece to the Color Field LP and film, and offers the user a unique, interactive experience that features proprietary "cleansing light process" developed by the Spectra Institute over decades of research and experimentation. Inflections, reflections, refractions and specific wavelengths of light - when combines with sound - can unlock memories, activating them in a psychotherapeutic way. 

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Color Field was filmed in and around Comfort, Texas over 3 days.  The film stars Maddie Welch and was written by Alec Esh and A.M. Architect.

Maddie is a curator + model, she did her own makeup and styling for the film. You can purchase her vintage selections from / Instagram

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